Tis’ The Season

One song says Christmas isn’t Christmas until it happens in your heart. Somewhere deep inside you is where Christmas really starts. It is an overflow of the heart that shows on your face and in your actions.

One year things weren’t going very well for a family of eight, it was one thing after another. The parents told their six children that it would be a very lean Christmas. There wasn’t enough money for a Christmas dinner never mind gifts for their children who were young.

Five days before Christmas someone put four bags on the porch full of food and S & H Green Stamps. (These stamps were given when food was purchased at a grocery store and redeemable for items at an S & H Green Stamp store. This was a fore runner to today’s rewards programs.)

No one has any idea who left those bags. However those groceries provided a nutritious, filing Christmas dinner with leftovers for the entire family. The stamps provided gifts for all. That is the real spirit of Christmas, from the overflow of the heart, where Christmas really begins.

The depression this family experienced before Christmas was relieved by someone with a good heart. Many people feel good when they do good things for other people. People help themselves by helping others.

Many times finding a listening ear is all that is needed. We were not meant to be alone. However,there are times we need time to be alone.

If you see someone that looks a little down, try a smile, a hello and perhaps a word of encouragement.

Let’s spread the real reason for the season, the goodness of a joyful heart,Jesus.

Let’s enjoy Christmas together.

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