Room for God?

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock.

Some of the saddest words on earth are: “We don’t have room for you.”

Jesus knew the sound of those words. He was still in Mary’s womb when the innkeeper said, “We don’t have room for you.” …

And when He was hung on the cross, wasn’t the message one of utter rejection? “We don’t have room for you in this world.”

Even today Jesus is given the same treatment. He goes from heart to heart, asking if he might enter.…

Every so often, He is welcomed. Someone throws open the door of his or her heart and invites Him to stay.

And to that person Jesus gives this great promise: … “In My Father’s house are many rooms.” …

What a delightful promise He makes us! We make room for Him in our hearts, and He makes room for us in His house.

When Christ Comes