The Properties of Light

Matthew 5:14-16 ,John 3:19-21, 1 John 1:7

Tonight, I want to tell you about the properties of light. Most of these you will agree are just
common sense. I hope you’ll leave with a better understanding of the light in scripture.

1. Light reveals what’s hidden in the dark.

– The carpet and furniture in most houses look really good until you turn the light on.
– The light shows spots in the carpet and dust and flaws in the furniture and shows that someone needs to clean.

A pastor shared this story.
– He read John 3:19-21.
– Before he got saved he’d visit bars to drink his troubles away.

One bar was his favorite because it was cool, dark, and usually very quiet.
– Along with the alcohol he’d get a cheese burger.
– It was cooked on a griddle that gave it a special flavor.
– The grease combined with a thick slice of cheese on a buttered bun made it fantastic.

After he came to Christ he’d go to the same bar and get that burger — instead of alcohol he’d get a coke.
– He’d visit with some of the people he knew and share his new relationship in Christ.

One Saturday he took his wife to get one of the famous hamburgers.
When they got there the normally darkened windows were cleaned of the dark shading.
– They walked in and the inside was well lit.

The owner explained they were doing some remodeling.
– He asked if he and his wife would like 2 cheese burgers and two cokes.
– Pastor said yes and went to his usual table.

As they sat and visited he noticed the condition of the bar.
– He could now see the dirt and grime on the floor.
– He noticed the tables weren’t particularly clean.

In the light he could see the cook’s area and noticed the grill hadn’t been cleaned for months.
– He saw dead cock roaches on the floor. The place literally was disgusting in the light. In the darkness he’d noticed nothing but the light revealed all of the filth in the place.

When the burgers arrived he was no longer hungry and as he lifted the glass to his lips he saw the bottom hadn’t been cleaned.
– It had a crusted milk ring at the bottom.

Needless to say he paid his bill, said goodbye and left never to return.

Had anything changed from all those years before?
– Not really, but the light revealed a filthy, sticky, cock roach infested, disgusting place.
– The light revealed all the filth.

The light of Jesus came into the world so we might see our filth.
Not everyone wants the light to reveal the Truth — John 3:19
– Old Arab eating figs by candlelight in his tent…… ……he kept finding bugs and imperfections with each fig he looked at and threw them down. He decided that he would go hungry if he kept examining each fig. So, he blew out the candle and ate the figs.

2. Light is also used as a standard of measure.

– Light travels 186,000 miles per second.
– A light year is the distance light travels in a year.

It’s use on sci-fi movies but also used in astronomy to measure the immense distances of the universe. Light is a very accurate unit of measure.

A man had a stroke and spent weeks in rehab to recover.
– He could only watch a small TV in the room next to the bed.
– The small 9″ set would only get 4 channels.

Every afternoon he’d be physically and mentally exhausted from therapy and side effects of the stroke.
– He couldn’t move any part of his left side.
– It was like someone took a marker and drew a line down the middle of his body from top to bottom. – Everything on the right was great, everything on the left no longer existed.

He got into a routine of watching TV from 2-4 p.m..
– He’d watch Jerry Springer.
– He’d watch people argue, fight, back stab, betray, and those were the immediate family members.

He took great satisfaction thanking God he’d not grown up that way or experienced those behaviors he saw on TV. He was using them as a measuring stick that was so low it helped him feel better even though he’d suffered a stroke.

We all tend to look at our behavior that way.
– But the light of the World shows us we aren’t even close to perfect.
– We’re all sinners in need of the Savior.

3. There’s a third property of light.

– Light can show you the way.
One President’s Day, My wife and I and our daughter and her husband went on an outing around Mt. St. Helen.
– We drove clear around the mountain — it was beautiful forested scenic country.
– We visited several rural communities along the way, enjoyed seeing Spirit Lake and on our way back to Stevenson, we passed the entrance to the Ape Cave.

Up by Mount St. Helens in Washington State there’s a place called the Ape Cave.
– It’s the longest known uncollapsed segment of a lava tube that goes back under the earth for approximately 5 miles.
– When you get there you are told that warm clothing and flashlight or lantern are needed if you plan to explore the cave. We didn’t have the warm clothing or a good light, but decided to go into the cave for just a little ways to say we’d been there.
– We did have a little key chain pen light that we thought would be adequate for a little hike if we stuck together. Wouldn’t you know — the battery went dead when we were about a quarter mile into the cave.
– We were in total darkness.
– We turned around trying to find our way back to the entrance, but we were tripping over rocks and running into walls and were almost panic stricken.

Finally, a group came by carrying a lantern and we tried to follow them.
– They were moving faster than we could in the dark and we were still tripping and falling over rocks and limbs. We yelled to the people with the light to slow down so we could follow them and they led us to the mouth of the cave. We’d have never found our way in the dark had it not been for that ever so distant light.

The light Jesus offers is not so distant, but it does the same for us today — it shows us the way. Jesus said, — John 14:6.

Through Jesus Christ, The Light of the World, we have a path to follow. He’s our Light.

Like the pastor in the bar, let The Light, Jesus, show you the way.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus as Lord of your life why not take that step tonight.

How dark the world is today!
– Christ depends upon us to spread the light.
– Can He count on you to let your light shine in a dark world drowning in sin?