VIDEO You Are The God Who Reigns – Fisher of Men

Published on Jan 24, 2013

We love the way God speaks to us through song! The message of this one is simple, obvious, and pretty basic: God reigns.

He certainly reigned over Lonnie in the giving of the song, because he had never written a song before! He reigned over Rena, with the musical arrangement and further development of this song. He reigned over Mitch in the video and recording of the song. And He reigned to knit us together as one – His church – in the sharing of our gifts – though we live in different areas of the country.

He was reigning high upon His throne when He ordained this song to be born on Nov. 9, 2012 – born with a distinctly Jewish (sounding) identity. And He was still reigning when, five days later on Nov. 14, war broke out against Israel. We sense He is putting His holy finger on this situation – capturing our attention with it very strongly. But what is He saying specifically? Is this Israel’s victory song? Perhaps. Could this war be the beginning of the great tribulation? Possibly.

But of one thing, and only this one thing, are we completely certain: This is God’s Victory Song. Through the death of His Son, Jesus, He delivered us from the kingdom of darkness into His marvelous light. And He invites us now to share in this Great Victory, by coming to Jesus (Yeshua), and receiving the free gift of eternal life. This Victory is for the Jews, for the Arabs, and for every other tribe, and tongue, and people, and nation on this earth – all equally loved by God, our Creator.

Let us join together now, to worship Him and glorify His name. For He is the God who reigns!

Copyright 2012 Lonnie Abraham – All rights reserved


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