“I will send my son whom I love.” LUKE 20:13

Don’t we love the word “with”? “Will you go with me?” we ask. “To the store, to the hospital, through my life?” God says he will. “I will be with you always,” Jesus said before he ascended to heaven, “even until the end of this age” (Matthew 28:20). Search for restrictions on the promise; you’ll find none. You won’t find “I’ll be with you if you behave … when you believe. I’ll be with you on Sundays in worship … at mass.” No, none of that. There’s no withholding tax on God’s “with” promise. He is with us.

God is with us.

Prophets weren’t enough. Apostles wouldn’t do. Angels won’t suffice. God sent more than miracles and messages. He sent himself; he sent his Son. “The Word became a human and lived among us” (John 1:14).


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