Still God was merciful. He forgave their sins and did not destroy them. PSALM 78:38

Do you really think you haven’t done things that hurt Christ? Have you ever been dishonest with his money?

That’s cheating. Ever gone to church to be seen rather than to see him? Hypocrite.

Ever broken a promise you’ve made to God?

Don’t you deserve to be punished? And yet, here you are. Reading this book. Breathing. Still witnessing sunsets and hearing babies gurgle. Still watching the seasons change. There are no lashes on your back or hooks in your nose or shackles on your feet. Apparently God hasn’t kept a list of your wrongs.

Listen. You have not been sprinkled with forgiveness. You have not been spattered with grace. You have not been dusted with kindness. You have been immersed in it. You are submerged in mercy. You are a minnow in the ocean of his mercy. Let it change you!


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