VIDEO Rescue The Perishing

Feb 2, 2011

Rescue The Perishing is a song from the poem penned by Fanny Crosby in 1869. one night when Fanny was addressing a large company of working men, the thought kept forcing herself on her mind that some mother’s boy must be rescued that night. So she made a pressing plea that if there was a boy present who had wandered from his mother’s home, he should come to her and the end of the service. A young man came forward and said, “Did you mean me? I did promised my mother to meet her in heaven, but as I am still living that is impossible.” They prayed together and he aroused with light in his eyes and shouted, “I can meet my mother in heaven! I just found God!”. Before retiring to bed, Fanny penned the “Rescue the perishing”.

The poem became a hymn when William Howard Doane wrote its music on 1870, rendered anew by Billy and Cindy Foote, with their original contemporary tune.

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