The Offer of a Second Chance

John 8:1-11

I’ve never met a person who didn’t have a past. Never have I spoken with a man or a woman whose life didn’t include a “yesterday”, a “last week,” or a “last year.” And if someone has a past, you can be sure he or she has some mistakes scattered throughout it.

If every one of us has a past, then why do we so often feel isolated, alone, and ashamed of what was done “once upon a time”? Why do we allow the shadows of our long-ago to darken our today?

The answer is a matter of perspective. When we look back at our lives, we usually see mistakes through the lens of guilt, remorse, or fear of judgment. The old axiom says that hindsight is 20/20—what we once accepted as permissible behavior may now shock us as we realize the gravity of those actions.

But how does our heavenly Father perceive us? Is He hampered or even influenced by the same dirty lenses through which we tend to look? No, He sees us with crystal clarity. That means He sees us completely, but He is free of the guilt and remorse that tend to color our perceptions.

More than that, our loving Father looks upon us with the perfect grace and forgiveness that only He can offer. Though our mistakes may hurt Him, the Lord regards us in love. If you have faced your sin problem and accepted the forgiveness that is available in Jesus Christ, then you can be certain you are now living a life of second chances. For the rest of your days on earth, you can have the joy of knowing that you are forgiven.

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