A Testimony of Faith

Acts 8:4-39

Yesterday, we listed the three facets of a Christian’s personal testimony. Today, let’s take a look at a biblical figure who exemplified these qualities. In Acts 8:5-6, Philip brought the good news of Jesus Christ to Samaria, and the crowd there listened intently. It must have been thrilling for him to see such warm receptivity to the gospel. In spite of this, he demonstrated obedience to the Lord by immediately following instructions to leave and take the message to Gaza. Philip’s godly character was evident in his sensitivity to the Lord’s call and his willingness to obey at once, no matter the cost.

We also see that Philip’s conduct matched his character. He allowed right principles to guide him, and his actions lined up with his beliefs. Had Philip chosen to disobey the Lord, or if his faith had not been genuine, his behavior would have revealed ungodly motives, and his testimony would have been worthless.

Whether Philip was addressing large crowds or speaking to an individual, his words pointed to Jesus Christ. In verses 25-39, he taught Scripture to a traveler and then baptized the man. Philip considered his words carefully and made sure that his conversations directed others to the Savior.

Philip is an example of a believer who trusted in Christ, regardless of the situation. His devout, unwavering faith revealed itself in the way he testified with his life. As you approach different situations throughout the day, try to be like Philip—let the Lord guide your character, conduct, and conversation.

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