The Next Steps to Growth

Ephesians 4:14-16

Yesterday’s devotion covered three steps to Christian growth: renewing our minds through Bible reading, confessing sin, and repenting of that sin. Today we will look at three more factors that will build us spiritually.

Any believer—whether mature or new to the faith—would be wise to receive godly counsel. I have seen some great men and women take a terrible plunge away from God because they were too proud to admit weakness. The Lord sees us as we truly are; we lack the ability to view ourselves objectively, which is why it’s important to have a friend who will be completely honest about our faults and mistakes. A godly counselor won’t be critical or condemning but rather will prove to be loving and kind.

We also grow spiritually when we serve God by serving others. At times this may mean ministering to someone who tends to bring out our worst qualities. Getting involved in his or her life, though, can help us learn patience, acceptance, and love.

One additional step is to respond properly to pain and difficulty. We all wish our greatest growth came during the calm times of our life. But the truth is, we make the most spiritual progress when we face adversity. Focusing on the Lord instead of on the source of our heartache is the appropriate response.

So the question is, Do you really want to move ahead in your Christian walk? To do so requires time, attention, and commitment. But if you choose to journey down God’s pathway to growth, you can expect to become more like Christ every day.

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