Do not I fill heaven and earth, saith the Lord

Do not I fill heaven and earth, saith the Lord.—Jeremiah 23:24.

LET me not dwell so much within My bounded heart, with anxious heed—Where all my searches meet with sin, And nothing satisfies my need—It shuts me from the sound and sight Of that pure world of life and light. ANNA L. WARING.

DO you think that the infinite God cannot fill and satisfy your heart? FRANCOIS DE LA MOTHE FÉNELON.

Let not cares, riches, pleasures of this world, choke the heart, which was formed to contain the love of God, Pray, and all is thine. Thine is God Himself, who teacheth thee to pray for Himself. To pray is to go forth from earth, and to live in Heaven. EDWARD B. PUSEY.

The vision of God is indeed the transfiguration of the world; communion with God is the inspiration of life. That vision, that communion, Christ by His coming has made our abiding inheritance. As often as the Christian touches heaven, the heaven which lies about us though our eyes are holden that we should not see it, he is again filled with the powers of the world to come. Then reverence finds its perfect satisfaction; then devotion finds its invincible strength. BROOKE FOSS WESTCOTT.

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