Best Way To Face Life

Everyone’s life is only a breath. PSALM 39:11

In a life marked by doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and school appointments, there is one appointment that none of us will miss, the appointment with death. “Everyone must die once and then be judged” (Hebrews 9:27). Oh, how we’d like to change that verse. Just a word or two would suffice. “Nearly everyone must die …” or “Everyone but me must die …” or “Everyone who forgets to eat right and take vitamins must die …” But those are not God’s words. In his plan everyone must die, even those who eat right and take their vitamins.

Exercise may buy us a few more heartbeats. Medicine may grant us a few more breaths. But in the end, there is an end. And the best way to face life is to be honest about death.


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