Too Stressed Out for God?

God, I know You are there, and I know I should come to You with my burdens. But right now, I’m just too stressed out!

After facing one challenge and disappointment after another, I didn’t have the energy to go to God. I should have been giving Him my burdens all along; but instead, I chose to stack every new weight upon my own shoulders. The weight of acknowledging my spiritual failure was only making things worse, and I feared the Lord would echo the same judgment and condemnation I was placing on myself when I met with Him again.

I was wrong. When I finally crumbled under the weight of my troubles, I landed in the book of Psalms. There, I found compassion, empathy, and advocacy. The Lord assured me of His love, reminded me of its extent, and gently lifted my soul into His arms of grace.

If you or someone you know is in need of a message of hope, consider watching Dr. Stanley’s latest series on encouragement. In it, he shares how God uses Scripture and other believers to lift our spirits when troubles arise. The series has ministered to me, and I believe it can minister to you as well.

Don’t allow circumstances to drag you down into depression and despair. Remember that the Lord is our shield and protector in difficult times. He promises to counsel us whenever we ask, and we can freely come to Him in our times of need.

by Linda Canup

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