Dealing With Distractions

Nehemiah 1:1-2:20

When Nehemiah was cupbearer to the king, his heart was deeply troubled by news of the Israelites’ plight and the condition of their city. With the king’s permission, he set out to rebuild Jerusalem. He encountered obstacles but refused to be distracted from the task. His example shows the importance of . . .

• Being in the center of God’s will. When Nehemiah cried out to God about his brothers back home and the city’s state of disrepair, the Lord showed him exactly what to do. God also caused the king to be favorably disposed toward the request and to provide all that was needed. Knowing we are where God wants us to be will give us confidence to handle trials without being sidetracked.

• Remembering what the goal is. Nehemiah knew that the Lord’s priority for him was to rebuild the city. God has planned things for us to do, too, and His work is always of great value. We are not to underestimate our part in it, no matter how small it seems to us.

• Accomplishing each task.
Following every crisis, Nehemiah returned to the task at hand. By remembering the Lord’s goal, we will stay in our God-appointed place, carry out each step, and remain on course.

• Identifying our distractions. Those who seek to interrupt our work, divert our attention, or attack us personally are not from God. With the Father’s help, Nehemiah recognized whom to heed and whom to ignore.

For the most part, distractions originate outside of ourselves. Who or what usually distracts you?

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