The Joy of Obedience

Proverbs 3:5-6

People often associate the word obey with raising children—particularly when they see ill-behaved youngsters. Submission to God’s will, however, is important at every stage of a believer’s maturity. As our faith grows, obedience becomes a cornerstone of fellowship with our Father—He teaches us more about His love and precepts while drawing us ever closer to Himself.

Oddly, as Christians get older and more mature, their obedience can diminish. A believer may tell himself that he has learned to live righteously and therefore no longer needs to make a concentrated effort. In a short time, he will find himself far off the path God intended, wandering around with a pile of rags he thinks are righteous acts (Isa. 64:6). Disobedience says to the Lord, “I know better than You how to govern my life.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Scripture and church members are full of stories to prove that obedient submission is the only way to joy.

Nothing good can come from rebelling against the Lord, and nothing bad can come from obeying Him. Obedience is the pathway to wisdom and blessing. When we conform our will to God’s, we place our hope and trust in the One who created us and loves us without condition. A life well lived is one in which our eyes are focused on the Lord, our ears are open to the quiet voice of the Holy Spirit, and our hearts feast on Scripture. When we choose this existence, we guarantee ourselves the finest that God has to offer. There is no second best for the obedient child of the Father.

6 thoughts on “The Joy of Obedience

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  2. Oh great article! I loved how you talked about conforming to God’s will instead of doing what we desire!

    Why do you think people ignore God’s will even when they have acknowledged it?


    • Thank you for the complement.

      I think that some people haven’t experience God’s ever presence making it easier for them to ignore Him. If they saw Him as standing behind or sitting next to them, then they may make a different decision.


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