Christ-Centered Confidence

2 Corinthians 3:1-6

Confidently trusting the Lord brings many blessings. These include spiritual growth, personal achievement, peace, and influence.

When our reliance on God is steady, we will respond to difficulties by seeking Him for guidance and strength. In turn, we will experience the Holy Spirit’s presence, provision, power—and, as a result, spiritual growth. We’ll be capable of accomplishments far greater than imaginable when our assurance comes from the Lord. Perhaps we’ll demonstrate a depth of endurance while everyone else is in an uproar; we might receive a leadership position beyond our perceived abilities; or we might find pleasure and success in doing an unfamiliar task.

If we mix trust in God with reliance on self, our calm demeanor will waver. But when our security rests in Him and we show conviction about His promises, peace follows. Then others will notice that God has inspired our confidence. As they watch us achieve in unexpected ways, grow spiritually, or exhibit inner peace, they’ll want what we have, and we can influence them for Christ.

We build confidence in God by meditating on His Word, knowing who He is, and drawing near to Him through prayer. But we can lose our confidence by focusing on circumstances rather than Jesus, by allowing unconfessed sin in our life, and by heeding worldly advice.

What do your actions reveal about you—Christ-centered confidence or self-reliance? What steps will you take to deepen your belief in Him? The Lord is always worthy of our trust (John 14:1).

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