Blessed With Less

Psalms 81:6-16

Today’s passage paints a popular picture of the Lord’s blessing. We read that and assume, If I just listen and obey God, He will give me more and more. We tend to think of blessings as new benefits the Lord gives us to enjoy.

We might praise God for a salary increase. We may thank Him for a new relationship. In our minds, the term blessing has become synonymous with gift, hasn’t it?

Many believers may be surprised to hear that God often blesses us by taking things away. They think, What? How can God benefit me by giving me less of what I enjoy?

This way of thinking reveals a problem of pride. It’s easy to assume we know what’s best for ourselves. Our logical conclusion is, If I enjoy something, then it must be good and proper. As such, the Lord’s blessing should give me more of that, right?

Wrong. God brings things into our lives that He knows will bless us. Our shortsighted perspective keeps us from seeing the whole picture, but He sees all from beginning to end. He knows whether a particular relationship or more money would ultimately be a blessing or a curse. In some situations, the best thing He can “give” is to take something away.

The Lord isn’t a cosmic Santa Claus. Sometimes, in His wisdom, He chooses to “bless with less.” Can you remember a particular disappointment that caused you to question whether He was acting in your best interest? With time and perspective, can you now see God’s loving care for you in taking something away?

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