His Cross Is My Cross

The disciple is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. MATTHEW 10:24

To take Jesus Christ into your life without reservation is to accept His friends as your friends and to know that His enemies will be your enemies! It means that we accept His rejection as our rejection. We knowingly accept His cross as our cross.

If you then find yourself in an area where Christ has no friends, you will be friendless—except for the one Friend who will stick closer than a brother. I made up my mind a long time ago. Those who declare themselves enemies of Jesus Christ must look upon me as their enemy, and I ask no quarter from them! And if they are friends of Christ, they are my friends—and I do not care what color they are or what denomination they belong to.

If the preachers would faithfully tell the people what it actually means to receive Christ and obey Him and live for Him, we would have fewer converts backsliding and foundering.

Preachers who are not faithful one day will stand before the judgment seat of Christ and answer to a faithful Savior why they betrayed His people in this way!

Lord, I pray that You will send encouragement to Your children today who live and/or serve in an area where Christ is not formally welcome.

2 thoughts on “His Cross Is My Cross

  1. The Church of God’s Elect

    The Armies of Jehovah,
    The Church of God’s Elect,
    Sorely tempted, sorely tried,
    But still would not defect.

    With trials of cruel mockings,
    Bonds, and imprisonment,
    They suffered long, and suffered well,
    And came out innocent.

    Though Rome tortured and killed them,
    They never would fight back,
    Against the growing onslaught
    Of enemy attack.

    They had no carnal weapons,
    For they were Kingdom heirs,
    And fought the flesh and devil
    With scripture, faith, and prayers.

    And they arose victorious,
    Eternal life to win,
    Having conquered hell, and death,
    The devil, flesh, and sin.

    They sought no earthy honor,
    Or temporal reward,
    For they had glimpsed the glory
    Of the coming of the Lord!

    They were fed to lions,
    And they were sawn in parts,
    For the testimony
    They had upon their hearts.

    They deferred not to do this!
    They gladly gave their lives,
    And faced the executioner
    With their children and wives.

    Many were beheaded,
    And some were crucified.
    They counted it an honor
    To die as Jesus died!

    They tied them up and burned them,
    But earthy fire was not
    As powerful as Holy Ghost,
    And could not burn as hot!

    For they looked unto Jesus,
    Their Captain, gone above,
    And met earth’s cruel hatred
    With heaven’s unbound love.

    In eagerness to enter
    The way that is called, “Strait”
    They left their mortal flesh and blood
    Upon the Wicket Gate!

    They gave all their possessions,
    And came to violent ends,
    To be as their Master,
    And to be called His friends.

    Lord, grant Your latter church this grace,
    To die just as You died,
    And press through heaven’s gate with force
    That will not be denied.

    From the new book “Comfort in Christ: A Collection of Inspired Poetry by Rebecca Gholson.



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