Thanks, Dad

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Before you rush out to hunt down a last minute gift for Father’s Day, consider spending that time and energy on composing a message of appreciation to your father.

Feel free to exceed 140 characters — in fact, use a piece of paper.

One look at the headlines and we’re reminded of the consequences of a society that has lost the understanding of fatherhood. The book of Proverbs paints a word picture of the regal nature of fatherhood as it was intended to be. “Children’s children are the crown of old men; and the glory of children are their fathers.”

With each of the 23 years that I have had the awesome privilege of being a father, my understanding of the responsibilities and challenges of what it really means to be a father has grown exponentially.

With that understanding has come a much deeper love and appreciation for my own father. (I should add that my love and appreciation for my father-in-law has also grown especially since my girls started turning 18!)

I am so grateful for a dad who successfully balanced advancing a career and shepherding a family. For a father who, once he accepted Christ, was all in and so were we. For a father who taught me the value of hard work, honesty, commitment, patriotism, public service, laughter, and what it meant to be a gentleman.

I am thankful for a dad who supported me and encouraged me, even on those rare occasions when, from his perspective, the decision I was making didn’t make sense — he not only trusted me, he stood with me.

There is only one thing that I think my dad was wrong about: Epoxy glue doesn’t actually fix everything!

Dad — Happy Father’s Day, I love you!

by Tony Perkins

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