The Foolish Man: No Store of Eternal Treasure

But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee; then whose shall these things be? Luke 12:20

Many of us are forgetting the caution of the Lord Jesus that we ought not to set our hearts on earthly things. He warned that there is a very real danger involved: the same heart of man that was made to commune with God and hold fellowship with the Divine Trinity, to soar away to worlds unknown and behold God upon His throne, that same heart may be locked up in a bank vault or in a jewelry box or somewhere else here on earth!

Jesus gave us the example of the foolish man who accumulated corn, naively telling his soul to rest because he had many barns, and lots and lots of corn. Jesus reminded him that he had to die, and his store of corn, which had a legitimate and proper value on earth, could do him no further good because he had neglected the higher values. He had no store of eternal treasures laid up above!

If we are wise, we will transmute any unit of goods or wealth upwards to another level of value, and the same for our talents and gifts and abilities, mind and strength and nervous energy.

Our faithful missionaries do this, for the ultimate values they seek are the heathen, headhunters, pagans turning to Jesus Christ, putting away their idols and their sins and believing in Jesus with bright, shining faces—singing the gospel and going to heaven, one by one.

These are the true values—the wealth of human beings, translated and changed and purified by the grace of God!

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