Our First Service for God: Inward Devotion

But one thing is needful; and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

Some Christians seem to feel that it is a mark of spirituality to attend banquets and seminars and workshops and conferences and courses, night after night, week after week!

This brings up a lesson from the New Testament concerning the sisters, Martha and Mary. I think it is plain that Martha loved Jesus but her concept of devotion was activity—that because she loved the Lord, she ought to be doing something all the time to show it.

Mary also loved the Lord Jesus but with a different attitude in her devotion. She was fervently occupied in spirit about the love of His Godhead! Our Lord knew the difference then and He knows the difference today.

Jesus commended Mary for knowing the value of the one thing that is necessary—that God should be loved and praised above all other business which may occupy us bodily or spiritually. Mary was fervently occupied in spirit about
the love of His Godhead I like that—although I know it sounds strange and almost heretical to our modern activists!

My plea is that we will not be satisfied to continue on as “external” Christians. I believe that our Lord wants us to learn more of Him in worship before we become busy for Him. He wants an inner experience of the heart as our first service, and out of that will grow the profound and divine activities which are necessary!

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