Rebuilding Passion

1 Timothy 4:15

Just as people are drawn by the warmth and appeal of a fire on the hearth, non-believers will be attracted to Christians who are passionate for Jesus Christ. The Lord wants His followers to be a “city set on a hill” and the “light of the world,” shining brightly in the darkness with His love and message of redemption (Matthew 5:14-15; Matthew 28:19).

Yet, as we saw yesterday, it is possible for our “fire” to cool, which affects our witness. If this should happen to you, take steps to rekindle the flame of passion for your relationship with the Savior.

First, be aware of where you are: Is your walk with God less dynamic than it used to be? Then, recall where you once were—think back to what it was like when you had zeal for the Lord. Next, acknowledge that you’ve drifted. Ask God to speak to you, and read His Word expectantly. Spend time daily in prayer; don’t just list things you want, but express a desire to really know your heavenly Father. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you refocus your attention. Think about what life can be like when Jesus is at the center, and you will no longer be content with anything less than God’s best.

The apostle Paul gave Timothy instruction on living a life pleasing to the Father. Then He added the reminder to be “absorbed” in these things. We, too, should saturate our minds with the principles of God. The Lord desires that your faith have excitement. He will use your fervor to draw others to Himself—and to bless you in the process.

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