A Small Matter Of Obedience

Luke 5:1-11

Yesterday we learned that obeying God in small matters is essential to receiving His thrilling rewards. What He asks us to do is never insignificant—though we may not always recognize the importance of saying yes to His requests. Peter couldn’t have imagined the impact a simple boat trip would have in his life. He could have said to Jesus, “I’m too tired, Teacher. Take the other boat.” Instead, his obedience opened the door for God to bless Peter with a revolutionary ministry.

As God’s children, we should ask Him what He wants us to do in daily situations—“What would You have me say?” or “What is the best decision, Lord?” We must learn to listen to our heavenly Father and be sensitive to the quiet voice prompting us throughout the day. When we keep our minds attuned to Him, we begin to understand the significance of some decisions we might otherwise barely notice. Ultimately this awareness leads to a life-style of walking with the Lord and receiving His best for us.

One thing I know for certain is this: Every time I’ve obeyed God, He’s blessed me. When I disobey, it costs me. We’re talking about a God who loves us unconditionally and who has a perfect plan. Obeying Him will never prove disappointing. Looking at 2015, can you see His wisdom in leading you to make right decisions? Hindsight is fantastic for recognizing God’s blessings.

Make 2016 a year of obedience. When we obey God, our hearts open wide to let His power pour in. Won’t you say yes to His next request?

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