The Key To Surviving Tough Times

Hebrews 11:23-29

Today’s passage tells us how Moses endured arduous times: by faith. Every believer will face trying moments. The key is to remember that tough times are …

Inescapable. “For man is born for trouble, as sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). Every one of us will experience periods when life is hard. Financial pressure, family trouble, health issues, business difficulties, opposition within the church—the list of potential problems that we could face is endless. It is, therefore, essential that we learn to respond in the way God desires.

Able to destroy or develop us. Have you ever noticed how people respond differently to the same difficult situation? Some grow more focused while others fall apart or are even destroyed by the trial. How we respond depends on our perspective: Are we God-centered or trouble-centered?

Survivable. The key is to learn how to walk in continual awareness of God’s presence. Moses demonstrated this in seeking to free the Israelite people from Egyptian slavery. He had learned to “see” our invisible God walking by his side and to be constantly mindful of His presence. Moses didn’t focus on the Egyptians, Pharaoh’s power, or even the Israelites he was leading. His focus was on God.

How aware are you of the Lord’s presence? Are you worrying less because you’re thinking more about His sovereignty? Are your fears receding as you consciously believe in His protection and all-sufficiency? Moses did not start out with this awareness; he had to learn and develop it. We, too, will learn as we deliberately seek Him.

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