The Call To Serve

Philippians 2:7-9

When it comes to serving in the church, people rarely volunteer for tasks where they’ll go unnoticed. They usually prefer a position of leadership. There’s nothing wrong with heading a committee or teaching a large class. But God calls us to have a servant’s heart—motivated to live a life that glorifies Him, not ourselves.

Over the years, I’ve had many conversations with young men studying at seminary. Countless times, they’ve shared the desire to lead a sizable church. And those called to serve at a small congregation frequently struggle with feelings of insignificance.

My encouragement to them is this: In His great love, God places us exactly where He wants us to serve, and every task we undertake should be given our all, whether there’s one person listening or a multitude. We ultimately serve Christ, and He is not concerned with recognition we receive. He desires our obedience and best effort. This is true not just for pastors but for all believers.

There are many reasons that the Lord calls us to serve. First, He rids us of pride and selfishness, allowing our focus to be on Him. Second, we proclaim our love for Christ through our care for one another. Third, God tests and purifies our hearts through service.

How do you define success? A common response is “achieving our predetermined goals.” Scripture’s definition, however, is different. The Lord desires that we discover His plan, obey, and become all that He intended. In other words, for success in the biblical sense, God sets the goals for our lives.

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