The Missionary Call

Matthew 4:18-22

I’ve heard every reason you can imagine for avoiding missionary service: “I haven’t been to seminary.” “I can’t preach.” “I’m too old.” “My family won’t go for it.” On and on the list goes. However, there are thousands of active missionaries who once thought the Lord couldn’t use them, either. I often have the privilege of hearing their stories of how God turned resistance into enthusiasm.

People can offer God plenty of reasons why He shouldn’t call them to spread the gospel. But His call is not issued for our consideration; He expects a response of obedience and surrender.

A believer is accountable only to say yes to God’s call. It is the Lord’s responsibility to equip the chosen for the work He’s assigned. A personal plan has been mapped for each believer’s life, and God provides the suitable personality and temperament. Then He adds skills that can be developed and the spiritual gifts necessary to fulfill His mission.

The Lord makes His call with wisdom and discernment. He knows why He created you and what you are capable of accomplishing in His strength (Eph. 2:10). Rejecting the invitation to serve Him is foolish. It would be like telling almighty God that He made a mistake. But surrender opens the door to a lifetime of service, blessing, and joy!

Mission work can occur near or far. You could serve at home by writing to prisoners, down the street by dishing out meals at a shelter, across the nation by providing flood relief, or in another country by translating the gospel. In short, a missionary calling is whatever God tells you to do.

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