Hearing The Call

Acts 6:4

God has issued some dramatic calls to service. For example, Moses heard His voice from a burning bush, and Isaiah saw a vision of heaven’s throne room (Ex. 3; Isa. 6). But a spectacle is the exception rather than the rule. For most who follow God to the mission field, His call is a tug on the heart, persistently whispering, “How will they know God unless someone tells them?” (See Rom. 10:14.)

It’s better if the Lord doesn’t have to use drama to get our attention. Consider Saul, who needed a serious talking to and temporary blindness to get him on the mission field (Acts 9:3-9; Acts 26:13-18). I know I’d rather hear the Lord’s still small voice (1 Kings 19:12)!

People can try to ignore the heart tug, block the ever-present call with activity, or satisfy it by giving money rather than themselves. Some say no outright. But the call persists. God’s will is set and His plan is steadfast. Though we may run, we can’t escape His call to obey (Jonah 1:1; Jonah 3:1).

The road of obedience will certainly be marked with challenges. But difficulty is part of any life—at home or abroad, in mission work or a traditional job. Thankfully, the rewards of serving are greater than any hardship. Remember that Jesus promised Peter a hundred-fold return on his investment in the kingdom (Mark 10:28-30).

Carrying the gospel is a great opportunity to serve God. What better way to thank Him for saving us and writing our name in the book of life than to share that experience with others. If the Lord’s still small voice is calling, say yes and see what amazing, life-changing work He can do through you.

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