What Can I Do, Lord?


What can I say to tell You how much I love You, Lord? What can I do to show You I care?

“Feed the hungry. Satisfy the thirsty. Visit the prison-bound. Give your last dollar to the one who needs it most. Spread the Word about My salvation.

“I AM in the hungry, for I AM the Bread of Life. Because I feed you.  

“I AM in the thirsty, for I AM Living Water. Because I bring water from the Rock.

“I AM in the sick, for I AM the Great Physician. Because I AM your Healer.

“I AM in the trials, for I AM the Giver of peace. Because I calm the storms.

“I AM in the prison, for I set the captives free. Because I have the keys to Hell and death.

“I AM in the poor, for I AM your Provider. Because I perform miracles.

“I AM in the lost, for I AM your Redeemer. Because I died for your sins.

“I gave My life, for I AM the Savior,   So that you might live forever.”

Thank You, Lord Jesus.





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