Principles Of Obedience

Luke 5:6-11

Peter’s interaction with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee illustrates three important principles.

1. Compliance in small matters has eternal significance and leads to blessings from God. As we read yesterday, a seemingly small act—loaning a boat to Jesus—resulted in Peter being called to become a fisher of men.

2. Following Jesus is always beneficial to others.
For one thing, Peter’s action made it possible for more people to hear Jesus’ words of truth and life. Later on, when Peter lowered nets back into the water at Jesus’ request, his obedience meant a big catch for his coworkers. In a similar way, when we live out biblical principles, our families will be enriched, and those within our circle of influence will be encouraged to follow our example. And as we share how God responds to our obedience with His goodness, others may be motivated to seek after His Son Jesus.

3. God may tell us to respond or act in ways that make little sense. The Lord told Noah to build an ark, instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac, and directed Joshua to conquer Jericho through silent marching on six days and shouting on the seventh. All of these men agreed to God’s plan even though it did not make sense. Their trust in God overruled any concerns and led to great reward.

God has a plan for our eternal good, and it is foolish not to obey Him. Like Peter, we have no idea what God will do in and through us if we commit to living a life of obedience.

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