God Has Time For You

Mark 10:46-52

Time is a precious commodity in our fast-paced culture. Because of this, it is also a tremendously valuable gift that we can give to someone else.

The Lord was the ultimate model of balanced time management. He had critically important business to take care of and was certainly intentional about accomplishing His Father’s work (John 6:38); however, you won’t come across any Bible verse saying that He “ran to Bethany” or “rushed back to Galilee.” Wherever Jesus went, He was sensitive to people’s needs and always reached out in love to help them. He wasn’t so busy that He could not be interrupted.

Right before He went to the cross to accomplish the most important work of His life, Jesus stopped to help a poor blind beggar, who was a nobody in the eyes of society. Although the redemption of mankind was vitally important, the Savior cared enough about the suffering of one person to stop and do what He could to bring the man relief.

If the Lord allowed Himself to be interrupted on the way to the cross, will He not also stop and listen when we call out to Him in our distress? He is never too busy governing the universe to hear His beloved children cry to Him for help.

In order to follow in the footsteps of Christ, we must ask ourselves, Am I willing to be interrupted? We are stewards of all that God gives to us, including our time. Consider availability a resource to be used when reaching out in love as Jesus did. Give someone your time today.

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