Wisdom’s Benefit Package

Proverbs 2:1-22

When someone is interviewing for a new job, it’s common to ask, “What does the benefits package include?” We’d do well to consider a similar question about the value of living according to God’s wisdom—since the world’s advice about having a good life contrasts sharply with scriptural teachings, we might ask, “What are the benefits?” In other words, Why should we seek to live in obedience to the instructions given in the Bible?

First of all, in seeking God’s wisdom, we will acquire a deeper understanding and knowledge of the Lord. (See Prov. 2:4-6.) Our perspective on life is greatly enhanced when we have a close relationship with the Father. He’ll give us the ability to see ourselves, others, and circumstances the way He would view them. As biblical principles permeate our minds, they begin to shape our thinking and responses to all of life’s situations and challenges.

Second, God promises to guide and protect us if we walk wisely (Prov. 2:7-10). Nothing outside His will can penetrate the shield of protection around those who love and seek to obey Him. When we let His wisdom enter our hearts, discretion watches over our desires and emotions, preventing us from entering into foolish or sinful relationships that would draw us away from Him (Prov. 2:11-20).

Godly understanding and protection don’t become ours simply because we want them. Such benefits come to people who diligently seek divine wisdom. If you receive the words of Scripture and let them fill your heart and mind, the Lord will reveal Himself to you and give you His discernment.

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