God Is Always Cordial

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? —Matthew 7:11

I have for over thirty years spoken about God’s goodness. It is most important that we know about God’s goodness and know what kind of God He is. What is God like? It is a question that must be answered if we’re going to be any kind of Christians at all. Don’t take that for granted and say, “I already know”….

God is kindhearted, gracious, good-natured and benevolent in intention. And let us remember that God is cordial. We only think we believe, really. We are believers in a sense, and I trust that we believe sufficiently to be saved and justified before His grace.
But we don’t believe as intensely and as intimately as we should. If we did, we would believe that God is a cordial God, that He is gracious and that His intentions are kind and benevolent….

There are never any times when God won’t be cordial. Even the best Christian doesn’t always feel cordial. Sometimes he didn’t sleep well, and though he’s not mad and he’s living like a Christian, he doesn’t feel like talking in the mornings. He doesn’t feel cordial; he’s not overflowing; he’s not enthusiastic. But there’s never a time when God isn’t. Because what God is, He is perfectly.

Oh, Lord, may I believe in your goodness more intensely. Give me a deep confidence that You are a gracious God and that Your intentions are always benevolent. Amen.

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