4,999 Pieces

Christ, who is our life… Colossians 3:4

The British newspaper The Sun recently ran a story about Jack Harris, 86, who spent seven long years working on a huge jigsaw puzzle of 5,000 pieces only to discover the last piece was missing. He was devastated, especially when he learned the puzzle was no longer in production and there was no chance of finding a replacement. It was a picture of French artist James Tissot’s 1862 painting, “Return of the Prodigal Son.” Fortunately, the public outcry caused The Sun to commission a perfect copy of the final piece, and photographers were on hand when Jack snapped it into place.1

How many of us are laboring away at life day and night, growing old, trying to piece together the puzzle of life? How many get to the end only to realize they’re missing the key to it all?

Christ is the central piece—and the central peace—of life. His pardon covers our faults. His promises ensure our future. His purposes give meaning to life. And His providence guides our steps. Christ’s providence reaches across the world, throughout all time, and into each of our lives. In Him we are complete.

We have only to be yielded, that is, willing, surrendered, and He will do the rest. He will make us according to the pattern for which, in His love, He designed us. Peter Marshall

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