Dealing With Loneliness

Psalm 102:1-7

Loneliness can be a lifelong challenge or a short-term event. The length of the experience is often determined by how we deal with it. Turning to the Lord can help us find our way through the dark cloud of isolation.

Admit lonely feelings. Being a Christian doesn’t disqualify us from sometimes having a sense of seclusion. In fact, many of David’s psalms speak of his longing for companionship. When we express our feelings to the Father and cry out for His touch, He will answer (Ps. 91:15). I often tell God that I need Him to wrap His arms around me. His response is just as real as if a human being walked in and hugged me.

Develop godly relationships. We should pray for friends who will point us toward the Lord whether we are in good times or bad. These are the loved ones who see our faults and like us anyway. For example, one of my dear friends oftentimes jokes about me, “He was never meant to be understood—just loved.”

Be anchored in Scripture. When we cling to the Word during a lonely time, we will end up with a richer understanding of the Lord. Before I preached my first sermon, my mother gave me Joshua 1:9 as an anchor verse. She knew it would help me remember to be strong and courageous because God is with me always. That is still the verse I turn to when I need comfort.

Occasionally we all will walk through the fog of loneliness. But God is the Light guiding us out again. If you are struggling with feelings of isolation, cry out to Him for help.

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