An Everlasting Now

But thou art the same, and thy years shall have no end. —Psalm 102:27

Time cannot apply to God. C.S. Lewis gave us an illustration which I’d like to pass on to you. If you can, think of eternity, of infinitude, as a pure white sheet of paper extending infinitely in all directions. Then think about a man taking a pencil and drawing a line, one inch long, on that infinitely extended sheet of paper. And that little line is time. It begins and it moves an inch and ends. It begins on the paper and it ends on the paper. So time began in God and will end in God. And it doesn’t affect God at all. God dwells in an everlasting now….

You and I are creatures of time and change. It is in “now” and “was” and “will be” and “yesterday” and “today” and “tomorrow” that we live. That’s why we get nervous breakdowns, because we’re always just one jump ahead of the clock. We get up in the morning, look at the clock and let out a gasp of dismay. We rush for the bathroom, brush our teeth, tear downstairs for breakfast, eat a half-cooked egg and rush out to catch the commuter bus. That’s time, you see—time is after us! But God Almighty sits in His eternal now. And all the time that ever was is only a tiny mark upon the infinitely extended bosom of eternity.

No beginning, no ending, no time limitations, no start, no finish…. I am so small, Lord, and yet You care for me. Thank You, Loving Father. Amen.

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