God Knows My Prayer

Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord… that they may rest from their labors.
(Revelation 14:13)

We modern Christians seem to be a strange breed in many of our ways. We are so
completely satisfied with earthly things and we enjoy our creature comforts so much
that we would just rather stay on here for a long, long time!

Probably most of us do not tell God about that kind of desire when we pray. But for
years I have made a practice of writing many of my earnest prayers to God in a little
book—a book now well worn. I remind God often of what my prayers have been.
One prayer in the book—and God knows it well by this time—is an honest

Oh, God,

Let me die rather than to go on day by day living wrong. I do not want to
become a careless, fleshly old man.

I want to be right so that I can die right! Lord, I do not want my life to be
extended if it would mean that I should cease to live right and fail in my
mission to glorify You all of my days!

I would rather go home right now than to live on—if living on was to be a waste of
God’s time and my own!

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