Flawless Precision

Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence. —Ephesians 1:8

What is wisdom? It is the skill to achieve the most perfect ends by the most perfect means. Both the means and the ends have to be worthy of God. Wisdom is the ability to see the end from the beginning, to see everything in proper relation and in full focus. It is to judge in view of final and ultimate ends and to work toward those ends with flawless precision.

God Almighty must be flawlessly precise. God doesn’t bumble. The British used to say of themselves, “We muddled through,” meaning they got through somehow, playing it by ear, hoping for the best and taking advantage of situations. They’ve done it well for the last thousand years. That’s the way we have to do it, but God never works that way. If God worked that way it would prove that God didn’t know any more than we did about things. But God works with flawless precision because God sees the end from the beginning and He never needs to back up.

Thank You, Lord, that You don’t have to muddle through and hope for the best. Thank You for the flawless precision with which You work. Amen.

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