Why Settle In and Settle Down?

That ye might be filled with all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:19)

Why should a Christian “settle down” as soon as he has come to know the Lord?

I blame faulty exposition of the New Testament for stopping many Christians dead in their tracks, causing them to shrug off any suggestion that there is still spiritual advance and progress beckoning them on.

(It is the position of some would-be teachers that everyone who comes into the kingdom of God by faith immediately obtains all there is of God’s spiritual provision.

I believe that such a teaching is as deadly as cyanide to the individual Christian life. It kills all hope of spiritual advance and causes many believers to adopt what I call “the creed of contentment.”

I am sure you agree with me that there is always real joy in the heart of the person who has become a child of God. Sound teaching of the Word will then hold out the goal of moving forward, emulating the Apostle Paul’s desire to become a special kind of Christian!

2 thoughts on “Why Settle In and Settle Down?

  1. Ya we should all remember (and read) Philippians and how the Apostle Paul presses forth for the prize that Jesus has for him (and us) at the end of this life. We should rejoice in our salvation but remember to grow daily in our relationship with God thru Jesus Christ and that we are saved to serve – not just saved to be saved.


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