God’s Eccentricity

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. —John 15:13

Now, what is our great encouragement in view of all that we know about ourselves? It is the fact that God loves us without measure, and He is so keenly interested in our spiritual growth and progress that He stands by in faithfulness to teach and instruct and discipline us as His dear children!

I once wrote something about how God loves us and how dear we are to Him. I wasn’t sure I should put it down on paper, but God knew what I meant. I said, “The only eccentricity that I can discover in the heart of God is that a God such as He is should love sinners such as we are!” God has that strange eccentricity but it still does not answer our wondering question, “Why did God love us?”…

You can put all of your confidence in God. He is not angry with you, His dear child! He is not waiting to pounce on you in judgment—He knows that we are dust and He is loving and patient toward us.

If it were true that the Lord would put the Christian on the shelf every time he failed and blundered and did something wrong, I would have been a piece of statuary by this time! I know God and He isn’t that kind of God.

Thank You, Father, that in Your eccentricity You loved me enough to lay down Your life for me, to forgive my failures and call me Your child. Amen.

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