Letting Go of Our Procrastinating Ways

Acts 24:24-27

We like to think that our delay tactics are no big deal. After all, we tell ourselves, no one is really getting hurt by the things we put off. Over time, however, our choices to postpone action can develop into a lifelong pattern of procrastination. In today’s reading, the ruler Felix delayed making a decision about Christ and eventually turned away completely.

To get on track, we must change our attitude about procrastination, admitting it is a serious problem and noticing where we consistently put off action. It’s important to identify any feelings of doubt and discomfort that we may have, confess that procrastination has a hold in our life, and then decide in our heart to turn away from it. Tell God, “I want to live by Your schedule and please You by my obedience.”

Repentance should be joined by a commitment to actively embrace new ways of decisive living. Use God’s Word to fight against feelings of doubt and discomfort whenever they arise. Who we are in Christ and who He is to us are the truths needed to overcome bad habits. The Bible says that we are new creations, indwelt by God’s Holy Spirit, and we are no longer slaves to sin (Gal. 5:1). Jesus, our Savior, is also our Lord. He provides all we need through His resurrection power (2 Pet. 1:3), and His grace turns our weakness into strength (2 Cor. 12:9). Victory is ours through Him (Rom. 8:37).

When we order our life on the basis of Scripture, we will live by faith rather than feelings. Jesus offers to set us free from the bondage of procrastination. Don’t put off accepting His invitation!

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