God Is Our Keeper

Psalm 121:3-8

We learned yesterday that God is our protector. David’s song in Psalm 121 also portrays the Lord as our keeper.

• “He who keeps you will not slumber” (Ps. 121:3). Many young children are fearful in the dark. If they awaken when everyone else is sleeping, little ones often feel alone and scared. Adults also experience fear, but thankfully, our Caretaker needs no sleep. He is always alert and attentive to our cries, even when our feelings may tell us otherwise.

• “The Lord is your keeper … He will keep your soul” (Ps. 121:5, Ps. 121:7). When parents have to leave their children, they put a trusted person in charge. We often say that this individual is “keeping” the kids. The babysitter is expected to protect and provide for the children. How much more invested and capable is our heavenly Father! Besides preserving us physically and spiritually, He restrains us from any wrong thoughts, harmful words, and inappropriate actions. His Holy Spirit gives warnings to keep us from evil, and He also provides guidance so we’ll grow in a godly direction.

• “The Lord will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever” (Ps. 121:8). God is sovereign. He is with us always—protecting, pointing the way, and teaching. He accompanies and leads, even in the small tasks that seem insignificant.

When we grow up, many of us feel sadness and a little fear as we leave the safety of our parents’ home. But we never leave the precious love and watchful eye of our heavenly Father. God is our keeper, and He cares for us better than any earthly mom or dad ever could.

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