God’s Continuing Faithfulness

1 Corinthians 1:4-9

God does not lie. What the Father says He will do, He always accomplishes. His many promises are recorded in the Bible—and He keeps every single one.

Yesterday I wrote about God’s faithfulness in directing me to become a preacher and providing a college scholarship. After I was enrolled in the university, He continued to provide, perhaps not as much as I wanted at times, but always enough. I remember kneeling by my bed in the dorm room, telling the Lord how little money I had and asking for His help. In the mail, I found a letter from a neighbor back home—with a check that would cover my expenses! God supplied what I needed, just as He promised in His Word. (See Phil. 4:19.)

Later, when I was a seminary student, a local church invited me to preach. That Sunday when the service was over, the leaders of the fellowship asked me to become their pastor and indicated a willingness to wait a year until I graduated. What a surprising turn of events! I started to pray about it, confident that the Lord would answer, as Scripture said He would (Ps. 91:15). Under the Spirit’s guidance, I accepted their offer.

God’s faithfulness has continued throughout my life. I could not have imagined at the beginning that I’d be preaching for more than 50 years. But the Holy Spirit has always been with me, teaching me what to say each time I’ve prepared and delivered a sermon (John 14:26).

The God who leads us is ever faithful. That’s why you and I can confidently carry out His plan, even when it surprises us.

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