“The wages of sin is death.”

Genesis 3:1-19

The present portion of Scripture contains the sad record of the Fall, in which through our first parents we all fell

Genesis 3:1

The devil often begins as if he were an enquirer.

Genesis 3:3

She should have been more precise. God did not say, “lest ye die,” but “ye shall surely die.” Error commences in little departures from truth.

Genesis 3:5

He cruelly slanders God. He hints that God was afraid that man would grow too great.

Genesis 3:6

See the progress of sin, she listened, she saw, she took, she gave to Adam. She had been wiser if she had turned away at first.

Genesis 3:12

He throws the blame on God for giving him a wife. Alas! what wretched ingratitude.

Genesis 3:13

Sinners are ready with excuses, and yet they have never a good one. Open confession of our wrongdoing is far better.

Genesis 3:15

Here a blessed promise lies like a pearl in a shell. The serpent’s curse is for us a blessing, for Jesus our Saviour is therein foretold.

Genesis 3:17

See how obliquely the curse falls. It glances rather on the ground than on man. Wondrous is God’s mercy.

Genesis 3:19

Thus sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.


Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love

Can make our nature clean,

While Christ and grace prevail above

The tempter, death, and sin.


The second Adam shall restore

The ruins of the first,

Hosanna to the sovereign power

That new creates our dust.


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