Moments That Sustain Each of Us

Psalm 145:1-5

Does peace come naturally for you, or does it feel like a constant struggle? Sometimes it seems as if so many things are actively working against our peace that our spirit may never know a moment’s rest. How can we quiet distractions long enough to hear God’s voice?

The key is found within a word that may make you uncomfortable: meditation. Perhaps you’re thinking, All that meditation stuff is what other religions call “finding yourself.” I’m not going to waste my time with that. What a horrible misconception. My friend, meditation is not about listening to yourself; on the contrary, it is about quieting your own mind and listening for the gentle whispers of the Lord.

Think about your prayer life. Whose voice is more prominent—yours or the Father’s? For most people, the vast majority of prayer time is spent talking to God, thanking Him for what He’s done, and asking for help. There is certainly nothing wrong with this, but if you never give Him time to answer, how will you know what He wants to communicate to you?

The time we spend listening is a good indication of how much we respect and enjoy the relationship. If we dominate the conversation, then we may be showing God by our actions that His opinions are not as important as our own—we’d never say those words so plainly, but our actions may be proclaiming that very message.

Are you listening to God? Commit to listen quietly for what He wants to share with you.

2 thoughts on “Moments That Sustain Each of Us

  1. Wonderful message my brother, I usually find myself awakening at about 3:ooam in the morning, at that time the spirit guides me to read His living word! The most important part of it is one day I had a message that when I read His word I should read it out loud, feeding my spirit its needed nourishment. After I finish I pray aloud to the Lord, and then have conversations with Him. I find I am always rewarded with a serene peace which lasts throughout the day. I am usually move to write poems after doing these acts, and I go back to sleep in a peaceful rest. We become what we feed ourselves, worldly things feed the flesh, His living word our spirit, we become what we feed ourselves the most. The wonderful thing about God he does no force us to choose either…the choice is left up to us. I choose His word, because it is my lasting treasure. God bless you my brother!


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