Not as I will, but as You will

Genesis 22:1-19

Genesis 22:1

This was at once the patriarch’s crowning trial and grandest victory, and it came after he had obtained the choicest blessing of his life. Great privileges involve great trial.

Genesis 22:3

His obedience was speedy, unhesitating, and complete. Think of that early hour, and the task of cleaving the wood for such a sacrifice. Could we thus obey the Lord?

Genesis 22:4

Those days of deliberation must have severely tried him. We can do in a hurry what we should shrink from if we weighed it calmly.

Genesis 22:5

Perhaps he feared lest the servants should interpose to prevent his obedient act.

Genesis 22:6-7

A touching question, but Abraham would not allow his feelings to master his faith.

Genesis 22:8

These were grandly prophetic words, and have been divinely fulfilled;

Genesis 22:14

Jehovah-jireh or the Lord will provide

Genesis 22:18

Thus was the covenant renewed in full, in connection with this great intended act of sacrifice: it is sweet to see the covenant of grace confirmed in the actual offering up of Jesus, the Only Begotten of the Father. O for grace to be in covenant with God in Christ Jesus.


My God and Father! while I stray

Far from my home, in life’s rough way,

Oh! teach me from my heart to say,

“Thy will be done!” “Thy will be done!”


If thou shouldst call me to resign

What most I prize—it ne’er was mine;

I only yield thee what was thine:

“Thy will be done!”



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