Jesus Christ Earnestly Desires Intimacy

Jesus Christ earnestly desires intimacy with you throughout this day.


Hours before His betrayal, Jesus knew full well that the twelve disciples would soon slink away like cowards in their denial of Him. Yet it was to them He said, “I have earnestly desired to eatwith you.” (Luke 22:15)


And this is His desire with you today: Intimacy… Communion.


As you progress through this day the most significant task before you will not be:

  • Clinching a “deal”
  • Picking up another client
  • Resolving another personnel problem

As important as these challenges may be, they pale in comparison to your calling of intimate communion with Christ:


God is faithful through whom you were called into the fellowship with His Son, Jesus Christ.” (1 Corinthians 1:9)


Here is how Jesus put it:


It is the man who shares my life and in whose life I share who proves fruitful, for the plain fact is that apart from me you can do nothing at all.” (John 15:5 Phillips)


God’s singular objective at the cross was to make our fellowship with the Lord Jesus a continual, moment by moment reality.


Today, let us resolve that nothing in which we are engaged will rob us of that inner relationship with him. After all, that is our calling.


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