A Good Name

  • Is to be more desired than great riches… ” (Proverbs 22:1a)
  • Is nearly impossible to restore… once sullied.

The next time you are on the edge of giving in to sin… think about your GOOD NAME.


Is any sin worth the price of losing your GOOD NAME?


Here are two reasons why the answer is no:


1. Our private sins have a way of becoming public property:


Be sure your sin will find you outA bird on the wing may carry your words(and) report what you say… “(Numbers 32:23b; Ecclesiastes 10:20b)




I the Lord your God (visit) the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations… ” (Exodus 20:5)


Visualize one of your grandkids a few years from now saying,


“There’s nothing to this religion stuff. My grandpa messed around with women… ripped off his company… and went to church on Sunday. Same with my ole man. Forget this Christianity stuff!”




“My grandpa loved God… just like my dad does. I wanna be like them!!”


Is any temporary satisfaction worth the price of your GOOD NAME?


The answer, of course is “NO”!



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