“A righteous man hateth lying.”

Genesis 27:1-5, 17-29

Genesis 27:1-5

When Rebekah heard this she determined to obtain the blessing for her favourite son Jacob by a crafty stratagem. She prepared two kids of goats in a savoury manner, dressed Jacob in Esau’s clothes, put skins upon his hands and neck that he might appear to be hairy like his brother, and sent him in to deceive his father.

Genesis 27:20

When we begin to sin we go from bad to worse. It was base enough of Jacob to utter so many falsehoods, but to bring in the Lord God of his father to give them the appearance of truth, was much worse.

Genesis 27:24

Thus Jacob persisted in his falsehood. This narrative shows us the truthfulness of God’s word, since it does not conceal the faults of its most eminent saints. Had the Old Testament been a cunningly devised fable, it would never have exhibited the great progenitor of the twelve tribes in so sorry a light.

Genesis 27:25

Isaac did not seek counsel of the Lord, hence his mistake. By this he was punished for his ill-placed partiality to Esau, for it was very unworthy of the patriarch to prefer his profane son “because he did eat of his venison.”

Genesis 27:26-29

Thus the prophecy concerning Esau and Jacob was repeated with enlargements, “the elder shall serve the younger.” God’s purpose was accomplished, but this did not excuse Rebekah and Jacob, or screen them from the chastisements of God, which commenced at once. We ought never to do evil that good may come.


Father, to that firstborn of thine

Thou hast the blessing given,

The power, and dignity divine,

Th’ inheritance of heaven.


O how shall I the younger son,

The Elder’s right obtain?

I’ll put my Brother’s raiment on,

And thus the blessing gain.


Father, I joyfully believe

Thou art well pleased with me;

Thou dost at my approach perceive

A heavenly fragrancy.


Thou dost thy gracious will declare,

Thou dost delight to bless;

And why? My Brother’s garb I wear,

My Saviour’s righteousness.



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