“I the world ye shall have tribulation.”

Genesis 37:2-14, 18-24, 28, 31-35

Joseph was Jacob’s best loved and most tried son. Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth. This chapter opens a long scene of suffering.

Genesis 37:2-4

His piety led him to protest against the wrongdoing of his brethren. He would not join them in evil, nor aid them by concealing their evil deeds.

Genesis 37:9-11

Whom God favours the ungodly are sure to dislike. The evil hate the righteous.

Genesis 37:34, 35

This was a very painful transaction, but let us. not forget that the Lord overruled it for the highest good.


Crosses and changes are their lot,

Long as they sojourn here;

But since their Saviour changes not,

What have his saints to fear?


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