On Caring Enough To Confront

A few years ago my wife and I spent the evening in the home of friends who were highly respected in the Christian community. While backing the car out of their driveway, I commented to her that I felt there was something amiss in the family.

Then I second-guessed myself with, “Well, I could be wrong… it’s just an impression. Besides, we shouldn’t meddle in other people’s lives.” Soon we were home and the thought dismissed.

Two years later the couple was divorced: The culmination of years of deep-seated, but well-hidden family problems. The wife and children were left devastated and desolate.

The question I must ask myself when faced with friends who may be in trouble is, “Do I care enough to confront them?”

Or am I more worried about their rejection of me? About being wrong? Or about “getting too involved?”

Jesus cared enough to confront. When challenged by Peter to not go to the cross He retorted,

“Get behind Me, Satan… you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.” (Matthew 16:23)

Pretty stiff confrontation, wouldn’t you say? Yet Christ’s love for Peter is unquestioned.

James, the half brother of Jesus writes,

“If anyone has slipped away from God and no longer trusts the Lord and someone helps him understand the Truth again, that person who brings him back to God will have saved a wandering soul from death, bringing about the forgiveness of his many sins.” (James 5:19, 20 – Life Application Bible)

The opposite of love may not be hate but indifference. Therefore, when I choose to not confront a brother who may be in trouble, it is possible that I simply do not care… at least enough to confront?

That kind of indifference is not evidence of Calvary love.


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